Cats are independent, but still
great partners.

Contrary to common belief or prejudice, cats aren’t ‘catties’; in fact, they’re smart and analytical. 

In many cultures, they’re considered guardians and charms that bring prosperity. Revered in Ancient Egypt, it was believed that felines protected home because they could see everything, and dismissing the myth that cats bring bad luck, many cultures believe they’re a symbol of good fortune. They form strong connections and bonds with each other, prefer order, and are fearless.
Cats are alert, curious, resilient, and flexible. They’re independent yet excel at teamwork. 

This manifesto is about cats, but it could be about Meow.

Accessible, agile, and innovative.
That’s how clients describe Meow!

We were born out of the need for a different work environment, with an integrated and 100% digital team. We have three areas of focus: digital marketing, development, and content. As an agency, our goal is to develop and apply technologies to create unique moments in the relationship between a brand and its customers. Our team is always available to clients promptly and efficiently, understanding their needs and showing the ability to learn and execute.

We’re a marketing and development agency focused on building and nurturing relationships between brands and people. We achieve this with an accessible, agile, and innovative team that is committed to clients and results. For our clients, our availability and understanding of the unique needs of each business make all the difference!

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Developers, strategists, innovators, and creatives.
Our team users its skills to create relationships, strategies, and results!

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